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"‘Being social’ is often erroneously associated with being ‘talkative.’ But actually ‘being social’ or, better yet, ‘living social’ represents a deep understanding of the psychology of social behavior and which actions can help to increase conversation and provide value to stakeholders. The unsung hero skill of socialization is the ability to listen well. Real-life conversation is never one-sided and in the digital space we need to spend as much effort listening before we speak as we do crafting clever content pieces to broadcast.


Social is a state of being engaged and being present with a desire to be liked. Social is wanting to reciprocate, be responsive and, yes, also be entertaining. Social is being human with empathy, kindness, and even the ability to be apologetic if an error is made. Yet all of these qualities are insurmountable without the tools and technology to perform at scale. That is why the backbone of any social strategy should include a strong infrastructure to support these efforts."


-Marcy Massura/ The Rise of Social Experience Management 

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